Whittakers  Chocolate
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New Zealand Whittakers Chocolate - Assorted Flavours -10x100g

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10 assorted flavours of Whittakers 100g block chocolate.

Beautifully tart Hawkes Bay Black Doris plum pieces and crunchy roasted almonds combine with 50% cocoa dark  bittersweet chocolate. 

Marlborough sea salt and caramel brittle with saffron in 62% dark chocolate. 

The exquisite flavour of Piedmont hazelnuts, roasted, ground to a special smooth paste and combined with roasted hazelnut pieces in 33% creamy milk chocolate. 

Zesty Fijian ginger and sweet Kerikeri mandarin combined with 62% cocoa dark chocolate.

West Coast Buttermilk Caramelised white chocolate with gingerbread biscuit pieces.

Rich, caramelised West Coast Buttermilk with 28% cocoa makes for a moorish sweet vanilla white chocolate.

A deliciously thin 100g block with Wellington roasted Supreme Ethiopian Sidamo coffee and super smooth 50% cocoa dark bittersweet chocolate. 

Crunchy caramel brittle, a hint of Marlborough sea salt and an incredibly smooth, 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk chocolate with 33% cocoa. 

Crunchy freeze dried Hawke's Bay apple pieces with Heilala vanilla in 28% cocoa sweet vanilla white chocolate.

5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk chocolate with chewy pieces of Nelson grown pear, Mossop's Manuka honey and a delightful hint of caramel.

Whittakers has to be New Zealand's most famous chocolate. A high quality delicious treat. 
You are buying 10 x 100g blocks of assorted Whittakers chocolate.
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